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PRODUCTS - Solvent Media

Solvent backlit
Solvent backlit is a rigid, translucent flex roll with a gloss finish. It is used for illuminated displays giving your signage a high brilliance, high contrast characteristic, best suited light box applications. Backlit flex rolls range from 1.32M to 5M width with a length of 50M.
Mesh banners are solvent-based media, primarily for outdoor applications. Mesh is a tightly woven banner that is very wind resistant. The tiny holes in-between the weaves allow pass-through of the wind and thus more durability for the banner, especially in windy conditions, still retaining its printing definition and design.
One Way Vision
One way vision rolls, also known as perforated vinyl, are similar to mesh rolls with the difference of the adhesive back. This film allows you to see printed designs from the outside but has a close transparent look from the inside. This window film is a solvent media that easily absorbs ink in spite of the patterned holes in it. Available sizes are of 0.98, 1.27, 1.37, and 1.52 meters width with a length of 50 meters each.
Orajet & Car Branding
Orajet is an outdoor solvent based media with a high durability, high ink absorbency character. It is a soft 80 micron PVC film available as matt or gloss surface. Orajet easily sticks to almost all outdoor surfaces, and is characterized by its high definition, vivid printing. All orajet media are manufactured under ISO 9001, including the orajet cast, a 55 micron, 152 mm width, high quality, and premium cast PVC film. Available orajet sizes are 1.05 M, 1.26, 1.37, 1.52, 1.6, 1.8, and 2.0 meters.

PVC Flex Banner
Flex rolls are top quality PVC flex fabric banners used in solvent printing, usually for outdoor purposes. It has great ink absorbency which gives vivid digital printing images. Flex banners have a thickness of 440 GSM ranging from a width of 1 meter to 5 meters width. All of which have a length of 50 meters. Matt and gloss surfaces are available.
Self Adhesive Vinyl
Self adhesive vinyl is a flexible roll that sticks to any flat structure and almost all flat non-coarse surfaces. It can stick to plastic, metal, wood, aluminum� and can be removed easily too, and with no adhesive residue. Self adhesive vinyl is mainly used as an outdoor media.
Solvent outdoor mirror banner or flag is a solvent media mainly used for flag applications due to its major translucent characteristic that allows same view from both sides of the media. It is a non-tear roll, which is suitable for windy outdoor conditions.
Outdoor Banner
Textile, also known as outdoor banner, is a waterproof, cotton coated solvent and pigment media mainly used for outdoor purposes, as well as decorative prints. Textile has a matt surface, a thickness of 360 grs, and is characterized by its accurate color performance for digital printing.
Solvent pp
Solvent pp is an outdoor solvent media mainly used for roll-up printing. It has a non-tear characteristic and its texture ensures vivid, high quality colors where prints appear vibrant and clearly defined on the totally non-reflective surface, ideal for roll-up displays, banners, trade fairs ...
Digitally printable wallpaper is a new, innovative trend joining between sign industry and interior decoration. Suitable for the office, restaurants, kindergartens� or just at home, custom wallpapers and murals are now available to match your innovation. Applied like a normal wallpaper, printable wallpapers are easy to handle maintaining a hard durability feature, still pertaining high brilliance color and superior printing quality.