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PRODUCTS - Machines

Eyelet Machines

Eyelet machines are automatic dual function machines that perforate the fabric in hand such as flex banner and insert a metal ring around the hole allowing the insertion of a cord or rope through that fabric.
Solvent Seiko Printers
Large format Seiko printers are steel-plated printing machines with four colors, 720 dpi resolution making all print jobs brilliant and vivid with high definition images.
It has a function of skipping white space to quicken production.
Seiko printers work on media such as outdoor vinyls, flex banners, backlit, one way vision, mesh...

Available machines have a maximum width of 4300mm, length of 800mm, and height of 1160mm. However media printed can go as far as 3.2M wide.

Foam Cutter
Foam cutter is a light trimmer designed for a quick accurate cutting job. It can cut through all kinds of foam boards�through its cutting head which can be raised or lowered to any position on the guide rail. The media to be trimmed can be held stable by a transparent strip alongside the baseboard, which in turn is measured down in inches and in the metric system for a precise cutting.
Laminator Machine
The lamination machine is an easy-to-install, easy-to-use machine that uses both hot and cold lamination processes. Its primary function is to embellish or protect printed media from deterioration and color fainting.

Technical details:
Laminating width: 1.60M
Maximum heating temperature: 150°C
Laminating speed: up to 5M/min
Dimensions: 1950x620x1250cm
Voltage: 220V
Weight: 302Kg
Heating power: 2500 W

Welding Machine
The welding machine is used for joining PVC flex parts permanently. The process involves applying high temperature to the adjacent flex banners amd fusing them to form a permanent bond. The machine is temperature and speed adjustable, with a temperature sensor that can control and test the temperature and make it constant.

Technical details:
Voltage: 220V
Frequency: 50-60 Hz
Power: 1600W
Dimensions: 35x25x20cm
Speed scope: 1-15M/min
Temperature scope: 0-500�C

Laser Engraving Machine
Laser engraving machine uses laser technology to engrave or mark an object in hand. The technique does not involve direct contact during the engraving process, so no heads or inks have to be used. The machine can be cut down into three main parts:

The laser that traces the pattern
The controller(usually a computer) that controls the laser beam and its trajectory
The surface being engraved on

The surface can vary from plastic, metal, coated leather, glass, stone, wood, acrylic�etc.
The machine uses water cooling technique. The engraving speed can go up to 60M/min, whereas the cutting speed up to 40M/min, and the laser tube can serve up to 10000 working hours, depending on the applied laser power and the surface being engraved onto. This laser machine is compatible with several software such as CorelDraw, Photoshop, Autocad...