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PRODUCTS - Display Stands

Display stands are advertising tools most commonly portable boards set on legs and that display certain information.
Our display stands range between roll-ups of different sizes, pop-ups, X-banners, promotion counters�
all of which are characterized by fast assembly/disassembly, solid structure, and easy transportation.

Pop up stands are easy assembly displays with graphic panels. They are ultimate display systems that can go large upon display yet small when packed down and fit in its own portable suit. Pop up displays come in 2 sizes: 3x3 with 5 pvc sheets display, and 3x4 with 6 pvc sheets display. Separate parts of pvc and magnetic roll are available.
Promotional counters are easy installment display counters whose printed graphics can be easily removed and changed. Plastic promotional counters have an upper display stand of 77x22 cm, and a display base of 163x85 cm.
Roll up displays are light-weight, portable, and durable advertising banner stands. They are easy to use and can be installed and operated by anyone, skilled or unskilled. Roll up stands are packed in portable travel bags and come in several sizes: 0.85x2M, 1x2M, 1.2x2M, 1.5x2M, and 2x2M.
Retractable display walls are 3-panel advertising displays that can be folded to form either an N shape with 1.5x2M sheets; or a 7 shape with 1x2M sheets.
Flying banners are portable and durable eye-catching promotional stands capable of cutting through wind and rain and remain stable. Available sizes are 0.94x1.8M and 1x3M.
X-banners are low price, cost-effective display stands. They are very lightweight and are easily set. X-banners are for strict indoor use. The graphic parameter is 60x160cm.
Outdoor A stand is most suitable for outdoor display and promotion. It consists of a two-sided graphic, each of 2x2.5M dimensions; and heavy duty bases that can be filled with sand or water for a more stable billboard.